TurnKey Lender Go is a Finalist in the Best New Product Category at Benzinga FinTech Awards


TurnKey Lender Go, an intelligent cloud-based SaaS for embedded end-to-end lending automation, has been selected by voters as a finalist of the Best New Product award held by Benzinga. The 6th Annual Benzinga Global Fintech Awards will happen on November 10 to provide technology leaders and businesses with a platform for networking, dealmaking, and recognition of the incredible achievements seen in fintech this year. 

Right on time for the TurnKey Lender Retail release, the topic showcased in this year’s award show is the rise of the retail trader and identifying the companies changing the industry to the biggest extent.

As a result of the voting, TurnKey Lender has been named a Benzinga Fintech Listmaker, among 250 distinguished companies revolutionizing FinTech. 

About TurnKey Lender 

TurnKey Lender is a globally recognized provider of lending, decision management, and risk mitigation solutions and services. Founded in 2015, the company operates across three key regions: North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia with offices in the US, Singapore, Ukraine, Belgium, Philippines and Malaysia, and clients in 50+ countries worldwide. TurnKey Lender uses AI and Big Data to automate certain parts or the entirety of the lending process for its clients ranging from traditional lenders (banks, credit unions, community banks) to alternative and non-bank lenders (retailers, startups, peer-to-peer lenders, payday companies, auto dealers, medical institutions, and more).

The key differentiator of TurnKey Lender is the fact that we put bank-grade lending software on the commodity cloud, lowering the lending industry entry barrier for lenders, and through them making fair financing accessible to millions of borrowers and SMEs around the globe.

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