TurnKey Lender Featured on Singapore’s Hottest Startups List of 2018


TurnKey Lender, one of the world’s leading providers of credit scoring, decision automation, and loan management software solutions, is listed as number six among Singapore’s fintech power players of 2018 by one of the most respectable business publications in Singapore, the Singapore Business Review.

The Singapore Business Review has harvested a crop of the hottest startups using its unique criteria for success. To be featured on the SBR Hottest Startups List a company would have to be funded by traditional venture capitalists filtered by a maximum amount raised.

This year’s hottest startups average funding is $5.23m compared to $3.2m last year. By no means, SBR claims, this is the most comprehensive list, but the amounts that could be verified do impress.

TurnKey Lender’s total funding closed at US$3.6m after it raised US$2m in a recent round of funding last year.

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