TurnKey Lender and BankersLab® Announce Partnership to Move Forward the Digital Transformation of the Lending Industry 


AUSTIN, TX – TurnKey Lender, a provider of unified lending management software for evaluating loan applicants, supporting decision-making, and implementing digital-lending process automation, will partner with BankersLab® a simulation-based strategy and training workshops provider.  BankersLab is leading the way in using simulation to prepare lenders to launch new portfolios and refine their lending strategies for existing portfolios.  The partnership will provide a digital “virtual world” for any lender to optimize digital transformation and portfolio management.

“A best practice in lending is to use a ‘virtual world’ or sandbox exercise to create a deep understanding of the key lending drivers, from which a clear strategy emerges,” advises Michelle Katics, BankersLab CEO. “We’ve seen strong results around the world from simulation intervention with lending teams – whether they are seasoned or new-to-lending teams.  By partnering with TurnKey Lender, we provide a unified offering that bridges strategy to deployment.

Elena Ionenko, TurnKey Lender Co-Founder & COO, explains “For many lenders implementing a new digital lending solution is a challenging project because they need to change their existing manual processes to take advantage of the automation technology or they need to design the whole process from scratch. For many, it can be a difficult and overwhelming exercise. Through this new partnership with BankersLab we can help our customers visualize and test in a simulated environment the new solution, new approaches to credit risk assessment and underwriting, and much more”.

If Turnkey Lender is providing the “fighter jet” technology, BankersLab provides the “flight simulator” to prepare your team to fly quickly and safely.  Lenders gain years of ‘experience’ in just a few hours which results in rapid deployment and higher return on investment on the technology.   

About TurnKey Lender  

TurnKey Lender is a provider of award-winning AI-based loan origination and management software that is changing how businesses everywhere succeed. The company puts lending software in the hands of businesses of all sizes, using proprietary technology that securely digitizes every step of credit management and the loan lifecycle. Lenders who use TurnKey Lender speed up loan decisioning, get system decisions in under 30 seconds, and grow portfolio profitability by means of AI-powered scoring models and business rules that increase portfolio profitability by 49%, increase operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and client lifetime value. To learn more visit: turnkey-lender.com.

About BankersLab® 

BankersLab leads the way in delivering innovative, strategic learning across the banking industry. Utilizing a blended learning model, BankersLab integrates numerical simulation, the gamified classroom and mobile learning games – designed to ‘level up’ the expertise of banking professionals. To learn more visit: www.bankerslab.com.

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