TurnKey Lender and airSlate Academy Launch a Digital Lending Course


TurnKey Lender has joined forces with our partners at airSlate and SignNow to create the perfect content piece to onboard newcomers to the digital lending industry.

We’ve compress all the knowledge necessary to become a digital lender into bite-sized chapters each with a short quiz to help sum up the things you just learned. You can sign up for and complete the course for free at:
Digital Lending: A Roadmap to ROI and Intelligent Automation

Learn everything you need to know to scale your business and deliver predictable ROI with digital lending automation. This course will cover the benefits and impact of digitally transforming your lending business. Understand all of the business operations that can be digitally optimized to create a fully digital experience for your business and learn why intelligent lending automation is necessary for your lending success today.

This course reveals how TurnKey Lender automates the key lending steps for increasing business productivity, reducing credit risk, lowering operational costs, and eliminating human error. It explains how to customize functionality and simplify credit processes using integrations as well as providing real-life examples of businesses that went digital with TurnKey Lender.

We created this course to demonstrate how TurnKey Lender’s digital lending automation works in practice. The course will guide you through automating the entire lending process from loan origination to regulatory compliance.

We recommend this course to all users who take an active part in the financial industry and are interested in enhancing their lending process.

What you will learn:

  • What digital lending encompasses, the value it can bring to your business, the benefits of lending process automation, and the statistics driving success in today’s digital transformation of the lending process.
  • How automated lending processes will solve your customers’ pain points.
  • How Artificial Intelligence holistically evaluates risk and streamlines auto-decisioning for loan applications.
  • Why in-house financing is the wave to ride into 2021.
  • How to automate lending processes step by step.
  • What the bottlenecks in traditional lending are and how to solve them.
  • How to streamline the customer experience through digital transformation.
  • Why API integrations are vital for your digital lending operation.

A lot of work went into this course and we would really appreciate your feedback! Take a look and let us know what you think.

About airSlate:

airSlate is a global SaaS technology company that serves tens of millions of users worldwide. airSlate cloud solutions span PDF editing, workflow automation, e-signature workflows, and robotic and document process automation. pdfFiller, signNow, USLegal, and airSlate make up the company’s portfolio of award-winning products.

signNow is an enterprise e-signature solution designed to simplify the signing and managing of documents online. More than 6 million people use signNow to speed up document workflows and reduce paperwork. The average satisfaction score among enterprise users is 9.56 out of 10, which makes signNow the #1 e-signature solution for both large and small businesses. The signNow mobile signature app is available on both iOS and Android.

About TurnKey Lender:

TurnKey Lender provides business with an intelligent, easy-to-use integrated SaaS platform that is easily adjusted to the business needs and includes all the functionality required to make the lending process fully digital. The solution uses AI, proprietary bank-grade technology, and advanced API integrations to automate every step of the lending process from a single cloud-based solution. Different versions of the software are tailored to the needs of traditional (banks and credit unions), alternative (fintech startups, P2P lenders, microlender, etc.), and embedded lenders (any type of business that wants to sell products or services in installment payments) online or from a store. https://www.turnkey-lender.com

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