TurnKey Lender Among the Best Loan Origination Software Companies:


This October, Garner Insights published an in-depth report devoted to the loan origination market and its major segments. In it, TurnKey Lender’s loan origination software is listed among the top players on the market right now. Research includes comprehensive data on the market size and status, growth opportunities, risks, and projected future.

Garner Insights is a trusted market intelligence and consulting firm specializing in deep researches of complex industries. The 2018 loan origination market report digs deep into the following aspects of the field:

  • Comparison of on-demand (cloud) and on-premise solutions in loan origination.
  • Segmentation of the loan origination market by product types, key players, regions and growth opportunities.
  • Application types available on the market (banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders and brokers, etc).
  • Comparison of the loan origination markets in the United States, Europe, and China.
  • List and comparison of the companies providing the best loan origination software solutions.
  • Forecast of the future of the loan origination market segments (up to 2023).

The report is designed to help the niche newcomers, as well as experienced professionals, understand the trends, risks and the overall state of the loan origination market. The TurnKey Lender team is happy and proud that our software is featured as one of the best solutions available to the public.


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