SAMBAT Finance Taps TurnKey Lender for Digitization


TurnKey Lender, an award-winning provider of decision management and lending automation solutions, has closed a deal with the leading financial institution in Cambodia, SAMBAT Finance.

TurnKey Lender is pleased to welcome a fresh addition to its fast-growing client roster. SAMBAT Finance, a Phnom Penh-based financial institution is aiming to bring real-time decisioning for their loan application processing with the best in breed lending solutions to their customers in Cambodia. SAMBAT Finance’s endeavors are supported by TurnKey Lender’s Unified Lending Solution which will enable them to swiftly respond to their clients’ needs and generate greater value for all stakeholders.

“Sambat Finance is one of the early adopters of the fully digital approach to banking in Cambodia and we’re happy to support them in this exciting journey with our technology and expertise.” – Dmitry Voronenko, CEO of TurnKey Lender is quoted.   

“Our digital journey has been nothing short of amazing!  The recent adoption of TurnKey’s Unified Lending Solution is a major milestone in our digital journey and truly a testament to our commitment to deliver digital financial services to our customers,” said   Harvey Poh, Managing Director, SAMBAT Finance PLC. “We are proud of our pioneering endeavors to revolutionize the digital financial services sector in Cambodia and with the full support from TurnKey, we are confident of realizing our aspiration of being the leading digital financial institution in Cambodia.”

About TurnKey Lender:

Turnkey Lender is a global leader in Unified Lending Management. Turnkey Lender multiple award-winning SaaS platform is an AI based end-to-end solution for complete automation of the lending business in non-bank organizations and banks. Turnkey Lender offers dedicated solutions for consumer lending, retail, POS, SME loans, factoring, trade finance, microfinance, mortgages,  P2P and other types of lending.

About SAMBAT Finance:

SAMBAT Finance is a licensed financial institution in Cambodia which provides innovative financial services to the Cambodian people, and Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs).

About the Cambodian Financial Services Market:

Supported by its young and industrious population, Cambodia has very robust economic growth in general and has very exciting growth prospects in its banking and microfinance sector, in particular. The growth in this sector had increased by double digits year-on-year.  Technological innovation and Digitalization is well received by its young and aspiring middle class consumers and will continue to drive the growth in this area.

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