Robotic Startup Choses TurnKey Lender for Automating Mowing as a Service


Robin Autopilot, a startup provider of robotized lawn mowers, chose TurnKey Lender to automate the seasonal financing program the company has implemented for its customers.

Robin Autopilot will use the TurnKey Lender solution due to its unmatched credit products’ configurability, instant decisioning, as well as the intuitive interfaces the SaaS solution provides. 

The intelligent end-to-end lending platform deployed for Robin Autopilot will automate the entire leasing process for the company.  It can be enhanced further through the powerful API client that comes built-in with TurnKey Lender connecting numerous third-party products and services under the hood of a single unified lending management solution.

Robin Autopilot operates under an umbrella of the Fahey Group specializing in landscaping and garden supplies in 12 US states. The process with TurnKey Lender in place will allow Robin Autopilot to set up the mower with a mowing perimeter around the yard, and the loans originated in the system will be collected automatically based on the seasonal settings for each state; and the users can track active loans in an easy-to-use borrower portal.

Robin Autopilot is an example of an innovative company embracing embedded lending and utilizing it as both a selling point and as a streamlined automatic revenue stream. I am sure TurnKey Lender’s market-leading technology and our team will prove a powerful asset in growing this exciting business at scale,” states Elena Ionenko, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at TurnKey Lender.

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