Meet the TurnKey Lender Team at the 2020 ShopTalk Conference


As retail is undergoing a fundamental transformation, TurnKey Lender is excited to take part at ShopTalk 2020, an annual conference that gathers retail industry together to discuss innovation, trends to follow, and insight to implement. TurnKey Lender team will be showcasing the brand-new AI-powered Retail Finance solution

Bringing lending in-house can be easy and profitable in contrast with expensive and complicated point-of-sale outsourcers.  Retailers should know that the leaders in retail-based installment lending, aren’t the only games in town — especially not for retailers that want to keep the fees of 2% to 6% these vendors typically charge on transactions. 

Backed by best-practice workflows along with advanced credit-scoring and decision analytics, Turnkey Lender offers advantages over other POS solutions, including: 

  • Improved portfolio yield from technology that lets retailers optimize portfolio yield by working only with the most profitable customers along with predictive models to pinpoint optimal rates and terms. 
  • Increased operational efficiency that’s supported by artificial intelligence to enable fast and smart decisions.  
  • 24/7 IT support and customer service to answer your questions in real-time. 
  • Mobile-lending capabilities via secure web app for on-the-spot customer service whether you’re at a cash register or at the far end of a vast showroom. 
  • Affordability due to its modular structure. With TurnKey Lender, you can start small and add functionality as needed. 
  • Scalability that lets your POS-financing program grow along with your business.  

Join TurnKey Lender team at ShopTalk 2020 and get a personalized demo to see how you can scale your business by bringing point of sale lending inhouse.  Schedule a demo here in advance. 

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