Meet the TurnKey Lender Team at the 2020 ShopTalk Conference in Las Vegas!


As retail is undergoing a fundamental transformation, TurnKey Lender is excited to exhibit at the ShopTalk annual conference to showcase its award-winning AI-powered POS solution.  Bringing lending in-house can be easy and profitable in contrast with expensive and complicated point-of-sale outsourcers.  Retailers should know that the leaders in retail-based installment lending, aren’t the only games in town — especially not for retailers that want to keep the fees of 2% to 6% these vendors typically charge on transactions. 

Backed by best-practice workflows along with advanced credit-scoring and decision analytics, Turnkey Lender offers advantages over other POS solutions, including: 

  • Improved portfolio yield from technology that lets retailers optimize portfolio yield by working only with the most profitable customers along with predictive models to pinpoint optimal rates and terms. 
  • Increased operational efficiency that’s supported by artificial intelligence to enable fast and smart decisions.  
  • 24/7 IT support and customer service to answer your questions in real-time. 
  • Mobile-lending capabilities via secure web app for on-the-spot customer service whether you’re at a cash register or at the far end of a vast showroom. 
  • Affordability due to its modular structure. With TurnKey Lender, you can start small and add functionality as needed. 
  • Scalability that lets your POS-financing program grow along with your business.  

Stop by booth #1301 to receive a personalized demo to see how you can scale your business by bringing point of sale lending inhouse.  Schedule a demo here in advance. 

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