Lending Awards 2020 – Best Technology Partner Finalist


After a detailed shortlisting process, Credit Strategy revealed that TurnKey Lender has been selected as a finalist for the Lending Awards 2020, in the Best Technology Partner category. The award show is held by Credit Strategy, a respected brand with a strong presence in financial services internationally, which serves a set of credit-related functions across a huge range of sectors.

Taking place on November 17, the Lending Awards 2020 is one of the largest awards program distinguishing and rewarding individuals, teams, and businesses across alternative lending, commercial finance, and mortgage industries, returns. The participants of the event consist of chief risk officers, chief credit officers, and heads of collections, coming from creditors of all kinds: banks, consumer and commercial lending businesses across a number of verticals, power, water and telecoms suppliers, providers of trade credit, and public sector bodies.

The goal of the award is to celebrate industry-leading companies, connect key decisionmakers with proven technology providers, and further the growth and advancement of digital credit.

About TurnKey Lender:

TurnKey Lender provides business with an intelligent, easy-to-use integrated SaaS platform that is easily adjusted to the business needs and includes all the functionality required to make the lending process fully digital. The solution uses AI, proprietary bank-grade technology, and advanced API integrations to automate every step of the lending process from a single cloud-based solution. Different versions of the software are tailored to the needs of traditional (banks and credit unions), alternative (fintech startups, P2P lenders, microlender, etc.), and embedded lenders (any type of business that wants to sell products or services in installment payments) online or from a store.  https://www.turnkey-lender.com 

Media Contact:

Lisbeth Garassino

[email protected]


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