Engineering Services & Products Company to Use Embedded Lending by TurnKey Lender


ESAPCO (Engineering Services & Products Company) is one of the leading US provides of agricultural, horticultural, and building products ranging from farm and agricultural supplies to professional greenhouses, storages, fencing, and much more to help Americans manage their farm, business, or home. 

Boasting exceptional customer experience, the company extends its digitalization efforts and will implement TurnKey Lender ULM (Unified Lending Management) solution to offer fully digital embedded credit products. The solution was selected by ESAPCO due to its usability, extensive feature set, and the enterprise-grade scalability TurnKey Lender software is known for. The solution will be tailored to meet the peculiarities of ESAPCO’s market and business model. 

Elena Ionenko, TurnKey Lender’s co-founder and Head of Business Development welcomed ESAPCO to the global community of creditors relying on TurnKey Lender:

“Users have come to expect one-stop experience from retailers. This is why embedded lending is the future of credit. ESAPCO is a great example of a company embracing innovation and using technology to grow and streamline its business. That’s what our intelligent automation is meant to do and I’m sure that the customer experience ensured by our software and ESAPCO team will help the company exceed its highest ambitions.”

About TurnKey Lender:

TurnKey Lender is a market-leading provider of intelligent lending automation technology that serves businesses in 50+ countries. TurnKey Lender ULM (Unified Lending Management) solution allows anyone from banks to retailers to offer credit products to their clients fully digitally from an easy-to-use cloud-based interface. The solution uses AI to instantly process traditional and alternative credit scoring data and provide the lender with an unmatched level of credit decisioning accuracy. ULM is an end-to-end cloud-based platform that includes functionality covering loan origination, risk assessment, underwriting, servicing, collateral, collection, and reporting.

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