End-to-End AI-Driven Automation for an Innovative Consumer Lender in Australia 


TurnKey Lender is happy to announce the beginning work on the end-to-end lending processes automation for EBP Financial, part of FSA Group, one of the largest and most innovative providers of debt solutions and direct lending services to individuals in Australia.  

TurnKey Lender will provide an all-in-one credit automation platform tailor-fit to the needs of EBP. Based on the Unified Lending Management software, TurnKey Lender will utilize its market-leading application processing, credit scoring, decision making, underwriting, and other software modules to create the most intelligent, sophisticated, and user-friendly lending automation software available on the Australian market.  

“TurnKey Lender’s mission is to boost fair lending globally through intelligent and easy-to-use automation. And in that we align extremely well with FSA Group and EBP Financial who help so many Australians, hundreds of thousands of people, every year. FSA knows better than anyone how to work in the Australian market, assist people there in difficult situations, and how to score consumers correctly to make lending affordable, accessible and less stressful. We appreciate this opportunity to deliver a cutting-edge project aimed at fair lending in Australia. Both our companies are focused on maximum automation and on most sophisticated and precise credit scoring – so from all angles, this project is a perfect match for us.”  

Dmitry Voronenko, CEO & Co-founder of TurnKey Lender 

“Consumers want everything on-demand and finance is no exception. We believe we’ll be able to bring borrowers to us using TurnKey Lender and we’re glad to partner with this company. We did a lot of research looking at software options because we want to be a digital lender with the highest possible level of automation. And that’s what we found in TurnKey Lender whose software automates the lending process and most importantly credit decisioning. We want to give the borrowers the benefits of providing instantaneous answers but with decisions that protect us as well, backed by automated in-depth credit analysis.” 

Deborah Southon 

Executive Director of FSA Group 

About FSA Group 

FSA Group Ltd, a large provider of debt solutions and direct lending services to individuals in Australia. With this background, the team behind EBP Financial has seen firsthand how a little helping hand can go a long way to getting on top of finances and how this contributes so positively to a person’s life. 

About TurnKey Lender 

TurnKey Lender is a global B2B SaaS company that offers AI-powered lending automation and decision management solutions and services in 50+ countries and counting. From origination and underwriting, to servicing, collection, and reporting – the company’s software can automate the entire lending process just as well as its specific parts. TurnKey Lender supports numerous credit products out of the box – both commercial and consumer – on the same flexible SaaS platform. Designed with the latest design best-practices in mind, TurnKey Lender exceeds regulatory requirements for data security, going above industry standards with SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type II compliance reports, the globally recognized PCI DSS and ISO 27001 certifications, and more. 

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