Elena Ionenko Named One of Asia’s Most Inspiring FinTech Female Founders


The co-founder and head of business development at TurnKey Lender, Elena Ionenko, was featured in the list of 14 inspiring female entrepreneurs published by FinTech News.

FinTech News is a leading Hong Kong publication devoted to the world of financial technology. On the 7th of November, the website released a list with this year’s most innovative and inspirational female fintech founders in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

Elena was included in the list for the job she’s done to move TurnKey Lender forward and for the results the company reached under her leadership. In four years TurnKey Lender grew from a startup into an internationally recognized company with clients in 28 countries. FinTech News emphasized that TurnKey Lender supports all stages of the loan life cycle and that it can be used for consumer lending, payday loans, auto loans, microfinance, mortgages, SME loans, in-house financing, peer-to-peer (P2P) lending and other types of lending.

Here’s what Elena had to say about this:

“It’s an honor to be listed among these amazing women entrepreneurs. But even though it’s exciting to have your work recognized by the colleagues, the most important reward for me is the fact that all of our clients are happy and that the TurnKey Lender family keeps growing! Nonetheless, I’m really thankful to be included in this list and you can be sure that all the awards and nominations only stimulate me to work harder and keep doing my part in moving the fintech industry forward.”


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