Dmitry Voronenko Discusses Lending Digitalization and the Accelerated Growth of SME Banking at Singapore FinTech Festival

CEO and co-founder of TurnKey Lender, Dmitry Voronenko, Ph.D., took part in an Innovation Lab Crawl held by EY at this year’s Singapore FinTech Festival. The innovation panel analyzed the current state of SME banking and e-lending with FinTech industry thought leaders on an open panel. 

The discussion revolved around the fact that traditional banking doesn’t cater to the SME’s whose lending automation needs remained ignored until recently. At the same time, these micro- to mid-size businesses form 80% of the economy of ASEAN. This presents an enormous opportunity for providers of financial technology and virtually unlimited room for growth.

Dmitry Voronenko (TurnKey Lender),  Aditi Sholapurkar (InstaRem) and Zack Yang (FOMO Pay) sat down to discuss a shared vision of the current state of the industry and the optimal ways to gradually transform it. 

Dmitry Voronenko, Ph.D., shared his thoughts after the panel:

“Radical yet gradual and secure digitalization of banking is only possible if the companies pioneering the FinTech revolution are all on the same page in understanding the need for this transformation. I was happy to sit down with Aditi and Zack to discuss the present and the future of the industry and the markets we devote our lives to. This kind of event serves to inspire both the participants and the listeners and shows that with enough drive and expertise – change is possible. And I’d also like to say that it’s a privilege for our company to be among the market leaders of lending digitalization. It’s a huge responsibility and I’m sure that TurnKey Lender team is up to the task.”

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