Intelligent Grant Management Solution for Government Organizations

Automate every step of your grant management process with a proprietary, intelligent fintech solution by TurnKey Lender

Address your specific automation needs

Easy migration to a new end-to-end solution

Quick and simple onboarding process for you and your employees

Intelligent processes to replace old paper-based workflows

Our Technology

A solution tailored to the needs and regulations of government lending agencies

Ensure optimal system performance

Intelligent Automation

We start by automating their entire lending program. Our robust and flexible platform delivers paperless processes and efficient workflows.

Why TurnKey Lender

Grant Process Automation
30 days
1 day
Human Errors
With TurnKey Lender
Without TurnKey Lender

It easy and fast to start with TurnKey Lender


Tailored proposal development and negotiation

2 weeks


Intal Project Research and assessment

2 weeks


Customization and Implementation

1-4 months


Support & Maintenance


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