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Intelligent End-to-End In-House Lending Automation for a Retail Business

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TurnKey Lender for Retail Financing

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TurnKey Lender for Retail Financing
The team behind Own it 4 Less came into in-house financing with a vast previous experience in microfinancing. They applied this expertise to offer affordable, accessible, and easy to use in-house financing to clients who wanted an affordable option to buy furniture in the Miami region. Own it 4 Less was founded around an idea of providing affordable credit to people who don’t have a sufficient credit history, don’t have access to affordable financing from conventional sources, or are going through a crisis. The company provides them with an opportunity to rebuild their credit history and get financing for the furniture they need. Early on, the company decided to finance the non-prime customers of their furniture store and once this process was streamlined, offer their financing service to other furniture stores. To achieve that, the company needed an integrated fully digital solution that wouldn’t put a strain on human resources and would allow for approving loans safely based on alternative scoring factors.
The Porblem
Own it 4 Less used to rely on other software solutions for their lending processes automation. But at a certain point, they reached a dead-end in terms of the flexibility and scalability of the software they were using. The separate solutions for underwriting, origination, servicing, collection, and reporting required a lot of manual source code editing and weren’t integrated well enough to function without delays and data losses.
Once Own it 4 Less outgrew their previous automation solution, the team researched the lending automation software market and chose TurnKey Lender’s end-to-end lending automation solution as their new core lending system.

The key differentiators that led Own it 4 Less to choose TurnKey Lender include:

– All of the functional modules integrated and working as a single solution.
– Unlimited scalability of the solution.
– A streamlined process of adding new custom functionality with the TurnKey Lender team.
– The flexible solution allows for the configuration of advanced settings from the System dashboard.

At the moment, TurnKey Lender automates every step of the lending process for Own it 4 Less, and the two teams continue to collaborate to deliver new features to help the company gain a bigger market share and issue credit with lower risk, fewer expenses, and higher return.

In the words of the Own it 4 Less team, choosing TurnKey Lender for their financing leads to less headaches, less paperwork, and less waiting time for the clients.

Own it 4 Less guarantees more approvals than any other company on their market thanks to their distinctive underwriting process powered by TurnKey Lender which was specifically designed to operate smoothly in these times of crisis.
We base our credit decisions on your ability to pay rather than looking just at your credit score. TurnKey Lender was able to accommodate their solution to our requirements and together we keep on improving the product we offer. The solution is very flexible and the team always tries their best to help us. Work with TurnKey Lender is a win-win for us. Because we have a really good product and the team gets our feedback to better adapt to the needs of our vertical in the process.
Elieser Gonzalez
General Manager
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