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Embedding Airtime Finance Into The Operations of a Large-Scale Telecom Business

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Telecom Embedded Finance
Opportunity for Embedded Lending in Telecommunications
This case study is based on the success stories of the current TurnKey Lender telecom clients, leaders in their nations’ markets, who have decided to embed in-house lending into their operations and introduced microfinance/airtime lending options to their clients, accessible in a matter of a few screen taps.

With direct access to tens of millions of cell phone users and vast amounts of unique historic and real-time data that can be used for borrower evaluation, telecom providers are a great candidate for successful and effective embedded finance implementation.

Offering credit products through a dedicated provider’s mobile app, a regional superapp or even through simple USSD codes allows vast audiences who were previously unbanked or underbanked to gain access to affordable and easy to use credit.

“Hundreds of applications are processed simultaneously, and tens of thousands of loans are disbursed and collected every day.”

These projects are made possible by the TurnKey Lender Enterprise Platform configured according to custom project needs. It automates country-specific and telecom-focused credit scoring, decisioning, disbursement, reconciliation, collection, and reporting.
Why Weren’t Telecoms Implementing Lending Products Before?
Problem: Large telecom companies would like to offer lending products to their unbanked and underbanked customers, however, launching microlending programs for almost a hundred million users, which many telecom providers have, can be challenging to successfully implement. 

In fact, one of the telecom companies we are basing this case study on has an active customer base of almost 100 million users. Offering consumer loans was a logical new iteration of business development for the company, however, the implementation of this project can be daunting. 

Before TurnKey Lender, the company wanted to launch an airtime lending operation several times, but it didn’t take off because other technology providers couldn’t handle the application volumes and the unique telecom lending business logic. 

Some of the reasons why telecom companies cannot do this without TurnKey Lender include:

– The human and tech investment required to create and run the lending business is too high without a software provider like TurnKey Lender.
– Previous iterations of the system were too slow to gain a strong enough market foothold.
– The company couldn’t find a solution able to process the company’s proprietary scoring data and come up with real time automatic credit decisions. 
– Over the years, the company engaged with several LMS solutions which couldn’t fit their needs for a highly autonomous lending process. 
– It was too hard to create numerous credit products and run automated loan collections at scale to manage millions of users. 
– The company needed to integrate numerous internal and third-party data sources and applications which wasn’t possible without the TurnKey Lender API. 
Capabilities of the TurnKey Lender Telecom Platform
Solution: With TurnKey Lender Telecom subscribers can request and repay their loans in real-time. 

The TurnKey Lender Enterprise Solution is a powerful set of tools which allow for no-code creation of unique and fully custom lending platforms for telecom clients. While each Enterprise project differs and is built according to the exact specifications of the business owner, the solutions created for our telecom clients have a few common things. Most important of which are: 

1. All the modules are completely autonomous and highly flexible 
2. Platform is deeply integrated with the proprietary infrastructure of the business 
3. TurnKey Lender processes unmatched amounts of customer data on the fly to instantly make loan decisions, disburse funds and collect installments on full autopilot.  
4. The borrowers receive funds on their cellphone accounts in a matter of seconds – the speed it takes the message to relate the data to the telecom provider and get back. 

Some of the other system capabilities include: 

– Loans are processed, approved and disbursed instantly to the cell phone of the borrower. 
– TurnKey Lender’s decision rules are used for KYC compliance and the Decision Engine approves or rejects the application automatically. At any point telecom’s staff can configure new user categories and scoring parameters which will lead to a certain automatic decision. 
– Fees for every loan product are calculated and charged automatically. 
– Flexible data and workplaces access permissions management.
– Savings accounts are created and managed as a separate credit product. When a person creates a deposit, we create and assign an IBAN code to them according to all the international regulations and local laws. 
– Credit product settings can be fully reconfigured and managed from the system by the client.  
– We continuously run tests of the system’s performance to instantly react to any unexpected situations. 
– The system includes 10 report types devoted to different aspects of the lending business performance. 

“We’re proud of the impact TurnKey Lender is helping make in the local markets of our telecom clients.  We are excited about the scale and speed at which our platform can process loan applications and with the quality of the credit scoring and the analytics we provide our clients. Our telecom clients process 250+ transactions per second and offer credit to tens of millions of users. Which is an important milestone for our team and a testament to the power of our platform.”

Elena Ionenko, COO and Co-founder of TurnKey Lender 



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