CDFI Increased Applications Volume By 400%

img_Turnkey-Lender_Case-Studies_CDFI Increased Applications Volume By 400%
Lending model
Lending model
Coalmont, TN
10-20 people

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TurnKey Lender Go!
Background / Opportunity
BetterFi is an American consumer lender based in Tennessee that has recently become a CDFI. As a non-profit economic justice enterprise, the team’s mission is to provide affordable loans and financial coaching to unbanked and underbanked populations. The end goal is to get their clients out from under the onerous terms of predatory lenders.

Borrowers can use the funds to cover emergency cash needs, strengthen their financial fitness, improve their credit scores, and increase access to conventional financing.
Business Problem
BetterFi’s credit counselors were spending the majority of their time manually processing applications, instead of working with clients. They believed they could help many more people, if they could replace outdated technology with modern cloud-based tools.

A list of business requirements was compiled in order to kick-off a technology search, including some needs that were unique to non-profit corporations. For example, a small staff, a limited budget, and specialized government reports for registered charitable organizations.
BetterFi chose the award-winning TurnKey Lender as their technology platform partner.

The majority of requirements were already included as part of the pre-programmed functionality in the consumer lending platform. Several unique features, and the system’s integrations, were easily coded to create a custom solution. The customer front-office was white-labeled with the BetterFi brand to weave the lending module into the website for a seamless user experience.

This custom, comprehensive, cross-platform lending system was fully deployed within weeks.
BetterFi improved their operational processes, which gained precious time they can now devote to their clients.

– Reduced origination time from days to minutes
– Increased the number of applications processed by 400%
– Increased operational efficiencies, saving time and money
– Generated substantial cost efficiencies that more than pay for their state-of-the-art lending platform
– Credit counselors are working with more clients, and spending more one-on-one time with each client
– Executive team and board are developing expansion plans to tap into new markets

Watch the success story TurnKey Lender has made with BetterFi

With TurnKey Lender, the entire origination process is automatic and takes about 15 minutes. It works great for us and lets us be really transparent with our borrowers.
Spike Hosch
Founder and Executive Director
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