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Globe Telecom is the leading digital solutions platform in the Philippines with an active customer mobile base of around 87 million. 

As a strategic decision, Globe Telecom ventured into embedded lending space. The company’s goal was to provide millions of active telecom users with easily accessible credit load products and promo offers. When the scale of the project grew, Globe Telecom began looking for a loan management software powerful enough to perform the following functions: 

– Automate origination, decisioning, availment and collection under one platform 
– Process thousands of loan requests instantly 
– Enable instant communication of enormous amounts of data to and from their back office   
The move to the embedded finance space was a logical new iteration of business development for Globe Telecom. Before contacting TurnKey Lender, Globe considered other software providers, but TurnKey Lender stood out with its end-to-end digital lending platform and extensive background in automating complex and unique crediting projects at scale.  
It quickly became evident that the TurnKey Lender team could do the work of reconfiguring the software for the telecom industry and Globe’s particular business cases while ensuring fully automated loan decisioning, origination, management, and collections for the company. 
Before TurnKey Lender, Globe Telecom was using real-time collection triggers on another platform. While the system was effective, there was an untapped potential in operating all of the lending processes in a single solution. It was Turnkey Lender that was able to provide this to Globe. 

Globe Telecom was looking for a partner that could deliver a tailor-made centralized platform that allows real-time availment and collection. It was important for the platform to have the ability and capacity to support Globe Telecom in its vision of expanding its portfolio and channels and customizing collection policy.  

It was a requirement to ensure seamless integration across many data sources and deliver features that would work like a well-oiled machine.
As with any project of this scale, the TurnKey Lender team worked closely with Globe Telecom’s team to collect the detailed requirements and build a customized platform based on the TurnKey Lender Enterprise Solution. This loan management system now powers Globe’s  consumer lending business.

Once Globe Telecom saw that the TurnKey Lender platform could handle the volume of applications and transactions it required, the company scaled its lending campaigns, offering its registered subscribers consumer credit load products and promo offers.  

With Globe Telecom, borrowers are supported in every step of the lending process.  

– Clients browse credit products through the GlobeOne app, SMS or Facebook.   
– TurnKey Lender’s loan management system processes the loan request by gathering customer data from all the available sources and receiving Globe Telecom’s proprietary scoring results.  
– The borrower is approved for a loan and receives the load or promo offering.  
– TurnKey Lender sends predefined notifications to the borrower. 
“With Turnkey Lender, Globe loans can operate real-time availment and collections using a centralized platform. After the initial deployment and adjustment period, Globe Telecom was able to implement expansion to apps and digital channels to deliver personalized offers and experiences.“ 
Armelie Go
Product Owner, Feel Valued Tribe – Globe Telecom



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