Women in FinTech Friday Feature – Lisbeth Garassino

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Meet Lisbeth Garassino, Head of Marketing at TurnKey Lender. We had the pleasure of hearing from Lisbeth, Tuesday, on LinkedIn Live on her expertise and thought leadership in leading global marketing teams in the technology and innovation spaces. Read more below on Lisbeth’s day to day and how she became a leading lady in the technology and innovation realms.


Q: How did you end up as a leader in the Marketing and Technology Industry?


A: I have had the opportunity to work in some of the leading cities in the U.S.A. as well as abroad leading marketing for global companies as well as start-ups. I started my career as a Fulbright scholar teaching journalism overseas and acting as a representative of the U.S. Embassy promoting cultural understanding.


For the last 16 years, I have been developing my marketing and leadership skills in many different areas that has led me to be a leader in this space. Having worked in New York City, Silicon Valley, Washington D.C., the Greater Miami area, and now, Austin for different industries while always working on marketing strategies and initiatives has led me to hone a wide-ranging skill set. Building relationships with other professionals has also helped me make connections with many talented people. Having passionate entrepreneurs and mentors has inspired me and shaped my professional path and career.


Q: What is an accomplishment that you are proud of?


A: Here at TurnKey Lender I am proud of the talented Global Marketing Team that I have brought together. Building and leading a cohesive and highly-effective team is vital to any initiative.


Outside of work, I am proud of the cancer research advocacy work I do. I co-chaired the TargetCancer Research Advocacy Council of Boston. I am actively involved in the Joe Garassino Foundation of Watertown, Connecticut whose mission is to provide help to individuals with cancer in Connecticut. Under the Joe Garassino Foundation, created a closed loop online community for people who have cancer. You can find it here at https://joegarassino.org.


Q: What are you most excited about with new advances in technology today?


A: Asking how can we harness the power of technology to further develop our careers, interests and skill sets and be truly globally connected. And at the same time, use technology to help us all become wiser and more aware beings. It is a great responsibility of our time to be cognizant of the positive and negative capabilities of technology. For as humans we have yet to truly understand the impact of different technologies on the development of humanity.


Q: As a female leader, how do you start your day? What are your tips for productivity in the midst of a busy schedule?


A: I begin my day with meditation and coffee! Carving out time to go inwards before getting to all of the demands of the day is helpful for setting your tone and intention. I try to block out what I need in order to tackle the priorities on my calendar and I begin planning each week by identifying the high-level activities that need to be accomplished. When I need to reset, I go for a quick walk to clear my head and get re-energized for what needs to be accomplished.


Q: Is there one piece of technology you cannot live without?


A: I suppose it would have to be my iPhone X. Whether I am using my Insight Timer app to meditate, my work apps, the New York Times, Clubhouse or another networking tool, it is all there.

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