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White paper: All you need to know to become a consumer lender – the ultimate 2024 guide


This is a part of our series devoted to TurnKey Consumer, the ultimate consumer lending automation platform. Here are the parts of this series

And here you get your white paper with all the knowledge condensed to prepare you to digitise any kind of consumer finance like a pro.

Let’s roll.

The digitalization dust is settling, and we can say confidently now that credit has gone digital.

Which is amazing news.

Amazing for the business because the industry entry barrier is lower than ever. The new competition fuels improved quality and price of credit for consumers immeasurably. Which in turn is made possible by technology.

In the 2020s, any entrepreneur or company can become a lender and extend various types of consumer credit to their borrowers or customers with minimal risk and overhead.

But still, business owners we at TurnKey Lender talk to every day are somewhat intimidated by lending automation and have many questions about starting their consumer finance business.

We’ve gathered answers to these questions and more in this ultimate consumer lending automation guide.
Here you’ll learn the steps you need to take to launch a successful digital consumer lending business.
Here’s what we’re going over:

Spoiler alert – our designer was especially on fire while making this one.

Here’s your white paper with all you need to know to become a consumer lender.

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