Unstoppable Women of FinTech – Victoria Padron

Unstoppable Women of FinTech

Meet this weeks Unstoppable Woman of FinTech, Victoria Padron, Director of Economic Development Finance at Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation. Read more below on Victoria’s day to day and how she became a leading lady in finance and economic development.


Q: How did you end up as a leader in the FinTech Industry?

A: I have been working in Economic Development for six years. As a professional economic developer, I engage in several tasks in support of our community’s economic development. We engage with stakeholders, businesses, community organizations and elected officials to develop and execute plans for robust, resilient and inclusive economies. My current role is Director of Economic Development Finance, I oversee a revolving loan fund that aims to assist new businesses and encourage the expansion of existing businesses.

Q: What advice would you give to young women today looking to start a career in the industry?

A: Be prepared to spot growth opportunities when they present themselves because they are the key learning opportunities. You’ll know because they make you uncomfortable, and your initial impulse may be that you’re not ready. But remember: Growth and comfort never co-exist.

Q: As a female leader, how do you start your day? What are your tips for productivity in the midst of a busy schedule?

A: My day starts at 5:30 am, I wake up, dress up, go to cross-fit, come back home, listen to my favorite podcast while I shower, wake up my three children get them ready for school while my husband cooks breakfast for us. This routine keeps me pumped.

My tips to be more productive is prioritize, don’t overcommit, stay organized, delegate if possible, and take breaks.

Q: What are some of your favorite ways to spend your time when you aren’t working? Any tips for relaxation and destressing? 

A: When I am not working, I love to spend time with my family, listen to audiobooks, and exercise.

Q: Is there one piece of technology you cannot live without?

A: My cellphone. This technology device is a life saver!

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