Unstoppable Women of FinTech- Nermine Wissa

Unstoppable Women of FinTech

Meet this week’s Unstoppable Woman of FinTech, Nermine Wissa, Head of Project Management Office at Endorse. Read more below on Nermine’s journey in becoming a leading lady in the FinTech realm and more on her inspiring advice that has helped her in getting where she is today.


Q: How did you end up as a leader in the FinTech Industry? Briefly, what has your career journey looked like?

I have had 15+ Years of diversified experience in Process/Projects Management fields serving both consumer & corporate markets. This experience is blended among several industries including telecom, coaching, training & lastly fintech.

In my professional journey, I was promoted for this leadership position, as a result of all the years that were spent in managing mega projects along with the expertise in process management, having a cross-functional overview that reviewed with an agile mindset which is essential in this VUCA world.


Q: Who/ what inspires you most? Is there a quote you “live by”? Are there any mentors that have helped you get where you are today?

I have not had one in specific as in the past I have been inspired by anybody who has had a vision, set it into goals, and ran after it wholeheartedly with a fearless soul (i.e., Nick Vujicic, Muniba Mazari, etc.)

My favorite quotes are always “No Pain, No Gain” and “Hard Work Always Pays Off”.

My personal coach is the one who has pushed me to be bold in handling all challenges and taught me how to have courageous behavior in my professional path and to know that it’s never too late to re-start or re-visit anything in life.


Q: What is an accomplishment you are most proud of?

A: Each new step I took I’m proud of. Each achievement I did along this journey I’m proud of. Being one of the women leaders in a fintech company is something I’m proud of.


Q: What advice would you give to young women looking to start a career in the industry? What skills do you find most helpful in this career?

A: Be with a fearless soul, and believe in yourself, believe that you can do it and you will. Self-development & Continuous learning by agile mindset is the core. Lastly, be a good listener and test whatever you deliver objectively


Q: What does digital transformation mean to you and/ or your organization? What advances or trends in technology are you most excited about? Is there one piece of technology you can’t live without?

Digitalization is the coming era and without it, you will be obsoleted/vanished. At Endorse (Prime fintech) we identify ourselves as a facilitator of the essential needs for the customer and one of these essentials is to have a digital end-to-end customer journey.

I’m, currently, in the process to be certified as a Digital Transformation Strategist!


Q: What do you see as the biggest, most pressing issue for women in our industry? How can women (or allies) help other women advance within our industry?

Focus on your goal and drop any kind of distractions. Believe in yourself/ your capabilities and you will grow and expand. Read more about the industry in general and enrich your scope with updated knowledge. Most of all, ask about everything you want to know instead of building assumption, that leads to nowhere.


Q: What are some of your favorite ways to spend your time outside of work? Any tips for relaxation and destressing?

Listening to music (relaxing one with nature sounds), meditation, working out, and journaling.

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