Why Embedded Lending Will Dominate the FinTech Landscape in 2021

img_Turnkey-Lender_Why embedded lending will dominate the fintech landscape in 2021-1920

Hailed as “one of the most transformative trends in fintech,” embedded lending is on the threshold of a surge in uptake this year as more consumers and businesses embrace non-traditional financial providers. Embedded lending integrates with the systems software that most companies already use to synchronize and track their operations. In a more holistic sense, […]

TurnKey Lender at the Forefront of The Coming Boom in Commercial-Use Drone Financing


The commercial drone market is set to experience an even bigger boom as more consumers and businesses start to deliver goods, increase security, or enjoy the freedom of filming and flying, triggering greater demand for financing options in a market that caters to large and small buyers alike.  Drones, which the US Federal Aviation Administration […]

TurnKey Lender’s Digital Lending In 2020, A Year In Review

img_Turnkey-Lender_TurnKey Lender’s digital lending in 2020, a year in review-1920

The year 2020 was a study in cause and effect. While the coronavirus outbreak became a full-blown pandemic, measures to slow the disease’s spread caught on, in some cases triggering technology upgrades years earlier than planned. Before we zero in on advances in uptake and functionality regarding lending technology, let’s put the year in perspective.  […]

How Manufacturers Can Attract More Customers with In-House Financing

img_Turnkey-Lender_How Manufacturers Can Attract More Customers with In-House Financing-1920

Let’s say the business equipment your company manufactures comes in at a higher price point than most small- to mid-size enterprises are comfortable paying out at any one time. And let’s keep in mind that the notion of “higher price” varies depending on how mission-critical the equipment in question is, and of course what specific […]

Optimizing Loan and Lending Performance in 2021

img_Turnkey-Lender_Capital equipment financing for SMEs in a post-Covid marketplace-1920

There’s a widespread perception in the marketplace that end-to-end lending automation comes at a high cost — both in terms of its literal price tag and the operational compromises needed to make such automation a reality.  This is untrue when it comes to one leading lending-technology provider.  “TurnKey Lender solves every problem there is through the […]

Capital Equipment Financing for SMEs in a Post-Covid Marketplace

img_Turnkey-Lender_Capital equipment financing for SMEs in a post-Covid marketplace-1920

It’s emblematic of economic growth, the view of a machine — a building crane, say, or a log loader — toiling against otherwise immovable objects to meet the demands of the marketplace.  It’s hard not to stand and marvel.  So it’s fitting that capital-equipment financiers (CEFs), which help enterprises acquire capital equipment, are gearing up […]

Alternative Credit Scoring for Non-Traditional Lenders in Canada

img_Turnkey-Lender_News_TurnKey Lender Becomes a Member of the Canadian Lenders Association

The Bank of Canada recently rained on hopes for a quick recovery from the economic impacts of the country’s coronavirus slowdown — a hope nurtured, many thought, by signs of economic resilience over the summer.  Alas, late in October, the Canadian central bank issued a Monetary Policy Report suggesting that hard times will continue, perhaps all the way through […]

The Remarkable Rise of Point-of-Sale Financing in 2020 and Beyond

img_Turnkey-Lender_The remarkable rise of point-of-sale financing in 2020 and beyond-1920

Point-of-sale financing isn’t new, but now it’s gaining more traction in the retail space, energized by a combination of technological advancements and consumer demand for installment-purchase alternatives as the coronavirus pandemic weighs on household access to liquidity.  POS installment financing has long been a normal part of buying real estate and automobiles. Which makes sense, […]

Simple Retail Financing with End-to-End Loan Origination and Management

img_Turnkey-Lender_Simple Retail Financing with End-to-End Loan Origination and Management-1920

There are numerous incentives for retailers and other businesses to offer point-of-sale financing. That’s true whether the “point” in question is a cash register, an online portal, or a mobile device. Traditionally, however, barriers to putting simple financing options at your fingertips have seemed insurmountable.

Five Key Business Models Available for POS Financing

img_Turnkey-Lender_Five Key Business Models Available for POS Financing-1920

By late 2019, unsecured lending had hit new highs, thanks in part to a surge in point-of-sale financing as consumers and businesses alike became more aware of it as a purchase option — in turn a result of better and more user-friendly lending technology, and increasing competition from online and walk-in retailers alike. In 2018, […]

What Non-Bank Lenders Need to Think About in a Covid (and a Post-Covid) World

img_Turnkey-Lender_What Non-Bank Lenders Need to Think About in a Covid (and a Post-Covid) World-1920

Non-bank financial institutions have been active lenders to middle-market businesses and consumers for decades, often as lenders of last resort to borrowers in acute need. In recent years, however, NBFI lending has surged as individuals and small to midsize companies have come to view them as welcome alternatives to risk-averse and highly-regulated traditional banks. To […]

Measuring the Success of Your Digital Banking Automation Platform

img_Turnkey-Lender_The Seven Most On-Point Digital-Banking KPIs -1920

Way back before Covid-19 struck, the digitization of banking services seemed like an inevitable part of a broad-based move to an “internet of everything.” But the public-health crisis — with businesses locked down for months at a time — has highlighted the need to roll out internet and mobile banking that goes beyond deposits, balance […]


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