The Digital Lending Journey and the Pursuit of Digital Transformation During COVID-19


A live discussion on the digital lending journey and the pursuit of digital transformation during COVID-19 and beyond.

Invited Speakers:

The webinar features Susan Perlmutter, Chief Revenue Officer of REPAY, a leading provider of vertically integrated payment solutions, and Elena Ionenko, Co-Founder of TurnKey Lender, a cloud-based lending software for borrower evaluation, decision-making support, and end-to-end automation of the digital lending process

Watch Below: TurnKey Lender’s Elena Ionenko is joined by Chief Revenue Officer of REPAY, Susan Perlmutter, for an in-depth discussion of the streamlined and efficient digital transformation of financial businesses in the times of COVID-19.

Topic: The digital lending journey and the pursuit of digital transformation during COVID-19

The discussion explores:

  • Automation of the loan application and origination processes
  • Improving lending decision making
  • Ways in which lending technology software can help the economy rebuild. 

Both leaders also address communication options, the lending landscape, borrower and consumer preferences, and how to digitally transform in the times of COVID-19.

Topics covered during the webinar include:

  • The Lending Landscape
  • Traditional Lending Landscape
  • Face-to-face / Storefront Environments
  • Traditional Communication Methods
  • Lengthy Application Process / Manually Assessing Risk / Longer Decision-Making Process
  • Funding Loans Using Cash and Check with ACH (funding delays, unsafe)
  • Repayments Accepted During Business Hours with Personnel Required On-Site

What Borrowers & Consumers Prefer: On Their Terms

  • 24/7/365 Availability
  • Self-serve and Virtual Options
  • Digital Communication Methods
  • Quicker Lending/Funding Process
  • Easy Payment Options

Changing in the Face of COVID-19: A Digital Transformation

  • Shifting to a Digital Presence is a Necessity Now
  • Loan Application / Decision-Making Process
  • Funding the Loan
  • Communication Methods (text, email, notifications through a mobile app, video, website chat)
  • Digital Payment Options with cards and ACH
  • Text Pay, IVR/Phone Pay, Online Payments, Mobile Apps
  • Available 24/7/365, Convenient, Secure, No Live Agent Assistance Needed and All on the Borrowers’ Terms
  • The Need to be able to Accept a Payment as Soon as the Borrower has Funds Available

 Q&A (Please continue to ask questions via the below email address):

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