The United States standard edition includes the following integrations:
Credit Bureau of your Choice Payment Providers Electronic Signature Email Notifications SMS Bridge
  • Equifax
  • Trans Union
  • Experian
  • FactorTrust
  • Lexis Nexis
  • Clarity
  • Payliance
  • Paypal
  • PDS
  • EcoSign
  • SignNow
  • Mandrill/Mailchimp
  • SendGrid
  • Bulk SMS
Additional integrations and customization are possible for an additional fee.

  • Can apply for loan online, or at any point-of-presence offered by your company
  • log-in to their personal account 24/7 to monitor status and update docs
  • Creation of new loan application
  • Monitoring system recommendations with ability to override decision rules if necessary
  • Entering or revising inputs (funds transfer information, notes on customer conversations, action plan)
  • Proprietary score card
  • Credit bureau report processing
  • Unique set of business rules
  • Customized rules for decision making
  • Internal user management
  • Built in executive dashboard for quick snapshot overview

Front office web interface

Edit personal details
  • Select loan terms
  • Create customer account
  • Fill-in application form
  • Automatic redirect to customer “My Account” Profile
  • Live online chat with company team
My account
  • Requires secure log-in credentials
  • Includes all active loans with loan detail
  • Customer account status indicators
  • New loan application
  • Ability to edit personal details or change password

Back Office Interfaces

Create user
  • Accounts lists (choice of 3 layouts)
  • Filter and search options
  • Role-based accessibility (loan originator, underwriter, loan manager, administrator)
  • View payment schedule and accepted payments (delinquents are highlighted, and installment amounts are displayed)
  • Management of hierarchy of company branches
  • Retailers ability
Ability to edit customer details
  • Create new loan applications (auto-fill feature for existing customers)
  • Calculates payments and creates payment schedule
  • Edit feature (change loan amount, terms, interest rate, customer information)
  • Flag for auto-processing
  • Record and report on customer interaction history
  • Download and print loan agreements
  • Attach supporting docs to application (i.e., identification)
Automated scoring
  • Automated risk scoring, based on a scorecard and set of decision rules
  • Integrated with online credit bureau reports
  • Credit scores, internal credit activity and system recommendations are displayed to support underwriters and originators
  • Underwriter can override system decisions, and send loans to originator for reprocessing
Payment schedule and accepted payments
  • Loan disbursement:
    • Manual (information about disbursement can be entered into the system)
    • Automatic (integration with a payment system is required)
  • Customer interaction history recorded
  • Payment Collection
    • Manual (disbursement information can be entered into the system)
    • Automatic (integration with a payment system is required
  • Borrow can request loan rollover
  • Able to review loan application archive (repaid, written off, and rejected loans)
Promise to pay
  • Payment Collection
    • Manual (information about disbursement can be entered into the system)
    • Automatic (integration with a payment system is required)
  • Collection agent’s action planning
  • Ability to store the “promise to pay” information
  • Ability to write-off or write-down loans
  • Scripts of Collector’s conversations: texts that should be read by the Collector when calling the borrower. Different texts for different states of delinquency (including the cases when the borrower failed to fulfill a promise to pay) are provided in the system
  • Loan restructuring (changing a number of installments with automatic recalculation of installments’ parameters or changing interest rate)
  • Automated export to collection agency
Us Reports
  • Executive Dashboard
    • Portfolio ratings
    • Performance ratings
    • Risk ratings
    • Collection ratings
  • Portfolio reports
    • Active loans vs Portfolio
    • Overall repayment amount per interval
    • Number of loans grouped by amount
    • Number of loans grouped by a risk level
    • Repaid vs Disbursed
    • Approved vs Rejected
Decision rules management
  • User management
    • Create, edit and delete users
    • Roles and responsibilities can be assigned to users
    • Search users
  • Decision rules management
    • Rules can be enabled/disabled
    • Rule parameters can be set
    • Recommended decision can be set for all rules
  • Scorecard management
    • Ability to add a custom scorecard
    • Flexible editor of scoring categories and scoring weights
    • Ability to define properties for different risk segments, such as PD and odds value, recommended system decision and comments, min/max score and more
  • Email notification rules can be configured
  • Internal black lists management
    • Internal black lists can be managed and used in decision rules
    • New records can be added to the Black list directly from the loan details screen
    • Blacklists can be managed by the System Administrator
  • Ability to create a number of credit products with the following parameters:
    • Minimum and maximum amount of granted loans
    • Minimum and maximum credit period
    • Interest rate
    • Overdue interest rate
    • Grace period
    • Loan type: payday or consumer loan
    • Loan schedule calculation: classic, annuity, balloon
    • Administration Fee
  • Export of information about available loans and payments in the XLS and CSV formats
  • Import of data from external files (XLS, CSV ) of a corresponding structure to the blacklists of the system
  • Ability to specify past due periods in days and determine fees according to periods of delinquency

Proprietary Credit Scorecard

Turnkey Lender wrote the book on decision management and risk mitigation solutions. And we leveraged every page of that book when we developed the proprietary Turnkey Lender credit risk score card. It’s truly the best of the best, because it includes nuanced performance indicators like social network behaviors. The system monitors personal online activity searching for self-reported, behavioral patterns that would indicate increased or decreased credit risk that could impact the risk profile of this individual.
Are you ready to reap the rewards of an enterprise-grade online lending software platform? One with all the functionality reserved for big financial institutions, but specially designed for a small to mid-size lender?