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Innovative, automated, turnkey – everything you need to minimize risk, increase efficiency and make lending easier for everyone involved. Automation of the entire loan life cycle is what we do best.

The lending management platform by TurnKey Lender automates every step of the lending process and makes crediting decisions completely digital for both borrowers and lenders. It’s a modular system that provides unparalleled flexibility and with the quickest time-to-market available. The lending management system when used as a whole, is even greater than the sum of its parts.

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Lending management software by TurnKey Lender is a one-stop platform for loan origination, onboarding, loan management, and reporting. This new way of doing digital lending contrasts with traditional methods of having different solutions from different providers for each part of lending.

  1. Loan Origination
  2. Underwriting
  3. AI-Powered Decisioning
  4. Loan Servicing/Management
  5. Collateral Management
  6. Collections
  7. Reporting
  8. TurnKey Lender LMS Toolset

Why Your Business Needs Our Lending Management Software

Integrated Modular Architecture

  1. The System is configured exactly to your unique requirements and business processes.
  2. Seamlessly connect to any third-party systems or data providers.
  3. Only pay for the modules you need now.
  4. Launch new modules in phases to get up and running 3x times quicker than the competition.

True End-to-End Automation

  1. Loan origination, servicing, management, and collection in a single integrated solution.
  2. Replace legacy core lending system with an intelligent FinTech.
  3. Free up time and resources by automating time-consuming tasks like credit checks, CRM updates, payments, and identity verifications.


Without TurnKey Lender Up to 9

With TurnKey Lender 30 seconds

Make the

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Enables fully digital consumer and commercial lending

TurnKey Lender LMS is pre-configured for intelligent automation of different credit products and lending models in a single platform.

Provide different borrower types with unique application forms and custom onboarding processes which are fully configurable from the System Dashboard.

Offer both business and consumer loans from a single unified platform.

Create as many credit products as your operation needs from an intuitive interface.

Utilize expert sets of credit decision rules and borrower scoring models powered by Turnkey Lender AI.

Provide origination, underwriting, servicing, and collection teams with separate dedicated workplaces tailored exactly to your requirements.

Track the performance and behavior of your staff based on the KPIs you set for them.

Proven and Tested Solution for Scalable Digital Lending

TurnKey Lender scales seamlessly to process up to 3M loans per working day without any requirements for additional cloud hardware.

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Unique Value Proposition

Contractor Portal for In-House Financing

No matter what you’re selling, TurnKey Lender ULM provides your partners with a fully functional Contractor portal.

  1. Submit disbursement requests manually or automatically based on your business logic (i.e. uploading images of the completed work or invoices).
  2. Full contractor management functionality:

    • Onboarding process is enhanced with AI-driven underwriting ready for AML and KYC
    • Fully automatic payments
    • Bank statement scoring, automated configurable reports, and contracts generation
    • Different business rules for each contractor
    • Automated notifications management
    • Advanced branch/sub-branch management

Investor Portal for Peer-to-Peer Lending

TurnKey Lender LMS for complete automation of the peer-to-peer crediting process.

Finance individual loans or tranches by configurable criteria

Analyze risk scores, make and receive payments, and calculate potential returns

Promote investment in tranches based on risk categories vs return

Enable multiple funding strategies for investors

Present in-depth reporting and analysis using the built-in dashboards

Unify All Web Products and Services with Simple API Integrations

  1. Automate DevOps

    • Build and configure new API’s without any coding
    • Match message structure with source
    • Full ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) capabilities
  2. Process modelling

    • A/B testing between workflows and portals
    • GUI-based workflow tools
  3. API tools enable 10X faster integrations than traditional approaches
  4. Full sandbox environment

Toolset by
TurnKey Lender

Improve Your Time to Market by 3X

Turnkey Force Configurator

  1. Fully configurable data structure (loans, borrower details, entities, roles, hierarchy, etc.)
  2. Integrations without coding
    • Configurable message structure XML, JSON, BSON
    • REST, SOAP, webhooks, message queues, etc.
    • Native SQL, PSQL, DB2, Oracle connectors
    • Built-in version control
  3. Drag-and-drop business strategy management powered by AI
  4. Language management
  5. Scorecard management
  6. Business rules management

Turnkey Force Flow Builder

Automate any business process exactly the way you need it with proprietary drag-and-drop Flow Builder.

  1. Onboarding/registration
  2. Application process
  3. Multi-level approval process integrated with external data sources
  4. Complex disbursements (strips, line of credit, draws, e-commerce, escrow, etc.)
  5. Complex repayments (escrow, insurance, taxes, LOC, NSF, late fees, etc.)
  6. Complex decision processes
  7. Nested strategies
  8. Infinitely configurable
  9. Easy to use but incredibly powerful

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What Customers Say

TurnKey Lender team was able to provide Zilingo with an end-to-end lending solution that helps us automate origination, approval, servicing, repayment and more. Thanks to its cloud-based nature, our employees and clients around the globe can access the system at any time. In TurnKey Lender we’ve found a reliable partner. We know that whenever there’s a challenge, we can work out the optimal solution together.
Wangwei Zheng
Credit Manager at Zilingo

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