Debt Collection Software for Lenders

Intelligent, effective, and easy-to-use solution for automated loan collection

We know what you deal with


Slow, error-ridden debt collection process that damages the company’s bottom line


Problems collecting corporate debts and preventing the increases in accounts payables


Problems finding overdue accounts, setting KPIs, and collecting debts

Effective loan collection anywhere you work achieved with an inspired software solution

Debt Collection solution by TurnKey Lender is an easy-to-use, simple, and nonetheless robust tool. All of the features, data, and transfers are in one place. We built this solution using proprietary AI-scoring technologies for automating and enhancing the process of debt recovery. Our self-learning algorithms allow for segmentation of clients with different levels of insolvency into groups. This helps you differentiate measures taken to preclude past due payments and to collect existing debts.

Why TurnKey Lender Debt Collection

Adjustable debt recovery

Put together an actionable collection strategy with plans that cover different phases of the debt recovery process.

Simple restructuring

Restructure selected loans and interest from an easy-to-use interface.

Automatic or on-demand collection

Always keep track of borrowers’ promises to pay and choose between automatic or on-demand collection.

Streamlined automatic reporting

More than 30 types of predefined reports for different departments help you always stay in control

Flexible notification settings

Optimize collection with maximum automation of borrower segments’ management: send SMS, e-mail, and printed letters or make voice calls.

In-depth delinquency analytics

Quickly analyze debts of your borrowers all sorted into multiple delinquency buckets.

Debt Collection Solution for Your Business

Banks & Credit Unions

Banks & Credit Unions

Scalable solution that delivers flexible automation



Fastest possible time-to-market without hindering the quality

Finance Companies

Finance Companies

Put debt collection on autopilot


Collection program audit

Digital lending and cybersecurity experts analyze your existing collection process and come up with ways to improve it


Qualified consulting services aimed at streamlining your debt collection

Technical support

Highly trained 24/7 tech support from the TurnKey Lender team.