Banking Software Solution for Lending Automation

An intelligent bank solution to automate “any and all” parts of your lending process

We help banks automate their lending operations



caused by old, disjointed legacy software and workflows


Waste and inefficiency:

caused by manual processes and human errors


Lost loans:

caused by fast-moving, online lenders

How we help banks

Large-scale financial institutions tend to have custom requirements for the lending solution they usually end up implementing. TurnKey Lender is up for the task.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, when done in-house, can be a painfully long and expensive process that doesn’t bring the expected results. We offer thought-through solutions that will be customized to address your every specific need, no matter how complex. Once the solution is ready for deployment, your data will be carefully migrated into it, so you can carry on without skipping a beat.

System deployment & Workflow Management

The Enterprise edition of our solution is customized by our team to meet all the specific requirements of your company. The system is also enhanced with a state-of-the-art business flow builder that allows for adjusting the business logic of the solution within a drag-and-drop interface with changes applying on the fly.

Internal & External Fraud Prevention

Solution’s proprietary technology stops fraud before it even happens by detecting and isolating potentially fraudulent applications. TurnKey Lender uses proprietary AI algorithms to filter out any wrongdoers and integration with relevant third-party providers to ensure the highest possible security.

Formation and control of a bank reserve

The system helps you form, maintain, and control the bank’s reserve, depending on the number of processed and approved loans. Intelligent Tracking and reporting allow you always to have a hand on the pulse without additional effort.

Unlimited Support & Consulting

TurnKey Lender team offers support, consulting, and staff training both online and on-sight to make sure all your employees and borrowers get the most out of our solutions. According to our clients, the system has a low learning curve and is extremely intuitive. Nonetheless, we’re dedicated to helping you grow.

Integrations & Api

TurnKey Lender integrates with all the major credit bureaus, payment providers, e-signature software, and much more. Even if we haven’t combined our software with some product our data source before, the system design allows us to add any new integration on-demand.

Services that go with TurnKey Lender banking solution

Credit Scoring Audit

Our analysts will review your credit scoring, find the weak spots and help you fix them.

Program Digitization

Digitalization of outdated legacy solutions and paper-based processes with efficient data migration.

Operations Automation

Intelligent automation of processes connected to lending. From origination and servicing to collection and reporting.

Scoring Consulting

Scoring consulting from experts that helps you approve more loans with lower risk

Employee Training

Remotely or on-sight, our team provides platform training making sure you utilize its full potential.

24/7 Support

Trained tech and crediting experts are online 24/7 to provide quality support on anything lending-related.