Award Winning Lending Software

6 Key Advantages

1. Improve Portfolio Yield, Profit

Fully managed, all-in-one origination and servicing platform. Regulatory compliant with cutting edge features like proprietary credit scoring that improves risk assessment and enables better credit decisions. Predictive bad debt triggers and marketing cross-sell triggers optimize portfolio yield.

2. Increase Decision Speed, Operational Efficiency

Automate mundane duties to reduce human error, increase decision speed and gain operational efficiencies. Managers focus on high level evaluation and decision tasks. Pre-programmed, rules-based system is grounded in lending industry best practices. Pre-sets are easily customized.

3. Easy Deployment, Without IT Department

Set-up as easy as 1-2-3. Cloud-based platform integrates seamlessly with in-house systems and multiple vendors. No IT expertise required. Intuitive workflow acts like a built-in training tool. Staff gets up-to-speed quickly, so you get the most from your investment. Upgrades auto-deploy via cloud.

4. All Types of Lenders and Loans

Solo online lender, credit union, lending cooperative, or small to mid-size bank. System supports microfinance, cloud lending, peer-to-peer, payday, equipment leasing, telecom, alternative loans, retail, POS, direct lending, SME lending, auto, mortgage, medical and dental.

5. IT Support and Customer Service

You (and your customers) enjoy instant access to a team of technical professionals. On-call and at your disposal 24/7 via online chat, email, real-time help desk, or online Q&A. Whatever communication channel works best for you. Any hour of day or night.

6. Affordable Investment

Modular configuration accommodates your exact requirements as a solo online lender or a mid-size financial institution. Choose features and functionality that support your business model and product design today and tomorrow, without waste on non-essential features.