You’ll enjoy 6 key advantages with Turnkey Lender compared to other lending software:

1. Improved Portfolio Yield, Profit

We can’t generate new leads for you, but Turnkey Lender can substantially increase your conversion rate and profitability. You get an award-winning, fully managed, origination and loan servicing software that’s regulatory compliant right out-of-the-box. It includes cutting-edge features like proprietary credit scoring for improved risk assessment and better credit decisions. Plus predictive triggers that flag bad debt and marketing upsell, cross-sell opportunities. All these features work together to optimize portfolio yield. In addition, you’ll enjoy automatic software upgrades and all new releases, including compliance updates that keep you on top of constantly changing banking regulations. Our software system incorporates machine learning and data analysis. The generic scoring template adapts to individual loan applicants and evolves intelligently over time. The foundation architecture can be enhanced from our library of alternative scoring models using APIs. So individual lenders can easily create a custom software solution that’s scalable over time.

Loan Origination – Features & Functionality

  • Automated decision-making and borrower evaluation cycle
  • Automated calculation of optimal loan parameters: loan amount, the term of the loan, interest rate, etc.
  • Customer risk segmentation
  • Flexible management of the lender’s credit rules, credit policies, and scoring models
  • Remote access for distributed sales points
  • Setting individual evaluation processes for different products, portfolio segments, and business lines
  • Evaluating the efficiency and adequacy of the loan origination system’s performance and staff productivity
  • Ability to swiftly adjust credit policy (new lending rules, changes in lending rules, appropriate risk margin)

Loan Servicing – Features & Functionality

  • Digital statement capability to supplement or even replace high cost paper statements
  • Automatically tracks all interactions between lender and borrower, including payment history and customer service queries
  • Automatically updates borrower credit bureau data
  • Push communications via SMS, text and/or email for account alerts and payment reminders
  • Customers can upload documents for fast, easy application review
  • Customers can make payments via direct debits and auto-pay features

2. Increased Decision Speed, Operational Efficiency

Simplicity is key when you’re designing a software solution that creates measurable efficiencies. Our system automates mundane tasks, so your loan servicing managers can focus their best efforts on high level evaluation and decision tasks. Different managers tend to approach different operational tasks in their own unique way. That’s why our system is flexible. It comes pre-programmed with a rules-based foundation grounded in lending industry best practices, but the pre-sets are easily customized to meet individual needs. The Turnkey Lender interface is clean and clear. It integrates seamlessly with multiple outside vendors, so all the loan servicing tasks can be completed without exiting our servicing environment. And vendor integration allows numerous data fields to be auto-populated, saving substantial time and energy by minimizing human error and reducing the need for manual data re-entry.

3. Fast, Easy Deployment Without IT Expertise

Set-up is as easy as 1-2-3, without the need for an IT department. The cloud-based platform delivers an all-in-one loan origination and servicing system. Only one set-up is required with no need to integrate separate software packages for each loan function. The intuitive workflow acts like a built-in training tool, so there’s no toggling to cumbersome tech manuals or pop-up screens. Your staff gets up-to-speed quickly, and you get the most from your investment. Regular software upgrades and all new releases are deployed automatically via the cloud with no extra programming required on your part. With any new software system you’ll probably have some implementation or training questions. Our IT support and customer service are available 24/7 to answer all your questions. They’ll make sure you get up-and-running fast.

4. Supports All Types of Lenders and Loans

The Turnkey Lender software system supports a wide variety of loan industries and lending products including: microfinance, cloud lending, peer-to-peer lending, payday loans, credit unions and lending cooperatives, equipment leasing, telecom lending, alternative lending, retail lending, POS financing, direct lending, SME lending, auto lending, mortgage lending, and medical financing. So we’ve got you covered regardless of the size of your lending operation, the type of loan you offer, or the specific software functionality you require.

5. IT Support & Customer Service

As a small to mid-size lender you don’t often enjoy the luxury of an internal IT department to manage all your technology needs in real time. At Turnkey Lender you (and your customers) get the next best thing. A team of technical professionals who are on-call and at your disposal 24/7 via online chat, email, real-time help desk, or online Q&A. Whatever communication channel works best for you. At any hour of day or night. We got you up-and-running fast, and we’ll keep you up-and-running.

6. Affordable Investment

As a financial services entrepreneur you’re the master when it comes to making every dollar in your budget do double duty. Successful entrepreneurs take innovative thinking and creative problem solving to a whole new level. That’s why Turnkey Lender was configured for modular deployment, where you choose only those features that support your business model and product design. You pay only for the functionality you use with no waste on advanced features you may not need at this point in time. So whether you’re a solo online lender or a mid-size financial institution we can accommodate your exact needs today and tomorrow.